As far as LHI is concerned, ensuring quality requires us to provide competent consulting services at a high level of expertise, ensuring that value is added to customers’ organizations.

LHI’s objective is to create quality by complying with the following principles:

  • Every employee has a role to play in generating quality
  • All employees must be fully aware of how they will add value to their external and internal customers
  • All employees shall confide in their superior if they feel uncomfortable about performing the task in question
  • The line manager shall make sure that the employees are familiar with, understand and comply with the quality management system
  • The project manager shall ensure that the project complies with the quality and environmental management system
  • All business units shall seek, apply and exchange “best practices”
  • All business units must stipulate goals and actions in order to improve quality and develop competence

Best man for the job

Quality is created by people, and project teams in LHI are always manned so that they match the unique requirements of the individual projects in the best possible way.

A task is only accepted if we, possibly in collaboration with others, possess the professional, administrative and financial resources required to perform the task in accordance with our quality policy.